Jurong Submarine Pipeline

The Proposed Submarine Gas Transmission Pipeline crossing West Jurong Channel integrates the existing gas networks in Jurong Island and Tuas South and operates as one entity for transporting re-gasified natural gas from the proposed Singapore Liquefies Natural Gas (SLNG) Terminal to the end users such as power stations. The internal diameter of the tunnel is 2000mm stretching to approximately 1.55 kilometers. The tunnel construction is by pipe jacking method.

Temporary jacking and receiving shafts are constructed by circular diaphragm wall of 14m and 7.5m internal diameters respectively. Diaphragm wall depth extends to 41.5 meter from the existing ground line, each at Jurong Island and Tuas South.

Fong Consult Pte. Ltd. is engaged by ED ZUBLIN AG (Singapore Branch) as the Qualified Person for Geotechnical Works and Supervision.

Developer Main ContractorContract SumContract Duration
SP PowerGrid LtdEd Zublin AG, Singapore BranchS$13,050,000.008 months